Misogyny: the Extremist Gateway?

Misogyny often lies at the heart of violent extremism and is central to indoctrination, recruitment, and ideology – yet it frequently escapes scrutiny. Societies that tackle misogyny are more peaceful and economically successful, and confronting it is essential for those engaged in PVE and addressing other forms of conflict. But extremist groups that gain power […]

Toward New Policies for the Climate Change and Violent Extremism Nexus in Africa

As part of the UNDP Oslo Governance Centre’s (OGC) initiative to further support advancement of the research agenda on Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE), the OGC partnered with the Regional PVE Project in Africa to assess Climate Change and Violent Extremism in Africa. The policy brief draws upon interviews and literature regarding climate security, violent extremism, […]

UNDP Climate Security Nexus and Prevention of Violent Extremism

This policy brief explores initial lessons learnt from a climate security perspective of efforts to prevent violent extremism in politically and environmentally fragile contexts affected by climate change. It draws on recent country level examples, preliminary insights from UNDP’s work streams on climate security and the prevention of violent extremism (PVE), as well as an […]