RUSI: Review of CT and P/CVE Activity Effectiveness

We provided a systematic review of the effectiveness of counterterrorism and preventing and countering violent extremism activities, with a focus on youth engagement, reintegration and capacity building. RUSI’s Terrorism and Conflict Research Group conducted a systematic literature review, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), looking at the effectiveness of counterterrorism (CT) and […]

RUSI Prevention Project

A comprehensive research programme on the effectiveness of countering violent extremism projects Over the past two years, RUSI’s Terrorism and Conflict group has conducted extensive research on the effectiveness of global preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) interventions. The Prevention Project aims to analyse P/CVE interventions to look at ‘what can work and what has not […]

Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism

This document serves as a guide for civil society groups, academic researchers, governments, and other tech companies wanting to know more about the resources and information that GIFCT member companies make available about their efforts to counter terrorist and violent extremist activity and tools developed to combat forms of online radicalization. In each section we […]

Global Network on Extremism and Technology

Our research design acknowledges that the literature (whether academic or practitioner-based) on violent extremism is vast, richly populated and broadly conceived. The purpose of GNET is not to replicate this. Whilst we build on this body of work, the goal of GNET is to empower experts to probe and explore contentious issues of broad social […]