Amman forum report

The Amman Forum, held on 18-19 June 2019, offered an opportunity take a deep-dive into issues of measurement, and to share experiences and learning and address some of the common challenges for researchers and implementers of PVE programmes. The growing body of evidence on violent extremism have started to influence individual programmes, yet knowledge is often siloed and major donor policies are yet to reflect the complex nature of the violent extremism phenomenon. Researchers and practitioners recognise the need to share evidence and learning, including drawing from across disciplines and sectors, and to more proactively engage with policy makers to ensure that policies and donor-supported programmes are based on context-specific evidence of drivers of violent extremism, risks and local sensitivities.

This report summarises the main issues discussed in the Amman Forum, with a focus on key recommendations and questions for further exploration or research. The report structure follows the forum agenda, first by providing an overview of Plenary Sessions, then reviewing the corresponding parallel session. Each session provides a summary of the main points raised by speakers and discussed by participants. Each session also includes the names of the speakers and panellists, the main highlights, the key recommendations and identifies questions for further discussion.