Assessment of the Processes of Violent Extremist Mobilisation and Radicalisation in Mopti, Central Mali

This policy brief examines the processes of violent extremist mobilisation and radicalisation in Mopti, Central Mali. Specifically, it looks at the strategies employed by one of the most salient radical jihadist groups in the region, the Katiba Macina. It seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. Given that violent extremist mobilisation has not taken root uniformly across regions in Mali, and because it is often endogenous to local dynamics, how has Mopti as a region become an enabling environment for jihadist actors like the Katiba Macina?
  2. How do groups like the Katiba Macina mobilise local support and integrate themselves among communities?
  3. Why do individuals join, adhere to, or accept the Katiba Macina?