Day 2 | Session 4

Misogyny: The Extremist Gateway?

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Misogyny often lies at the heart of violent extremism and is central to indoctrination, recruitment, and ideology – yet it frequently escapes scrutiny. Hounding women from the public sphere has been a starting point for violent ideologies, with social media directing hatred towards those women who speak out. 

Societies that tackle misogyny are more peaceful and economically successful, and confronting it is essential for those engaged in PVE and addressing other forms of conflict. But extremist groups that gain power or control territory have consistently shown some of the worst violence against women. Hear about the centrality misogyny plays in violent extremist groups and ways in which development actors can address it in policy and programming.

15 June 2021

Start: 10:00 (CEST)
End: 11:00 (CEST)


Mohammad Naciri

UN Women, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific


Robert Templer

Independent Consultant

Jacqui True

Professor, Monash University

Joana Cook

Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA), Leiden University

Fauziya Abdi Ali

Women in International Security