Portraits of Violent Extremism

in South-East Asia

The following people contributed to the production of this series:

Mailee Osten-Tan is a Digital Communications Analyst for Preventing Violent Extremism at UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub. She led the multimedia team behind the UNDP-EU Portraits of Violent Extremism in South-East Asiaexhibition and Entry and Exit Points reports, and managed the coordination and creative direction of the project. Her photojournalism has been published in the Southeast Asia Globe, Thai Enquirer, New Mandala, and elsewhere.

Alecs Ongcal is a Manila-based freelance photojournalist who has covered breaking stories in the Philippines since 2013. Alecs has contributed her works to various international wire agencies and local news outlets that include the Associated Press, the European Press Agency, the National Press Radio, and She has also worked for UNHCR, ICRC, EDUCO, NILAB, ABS-CBN News Online, and GMA News.

Jules Ong is a freelance journalist, news producer and award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Malaysia with a special interest in making films about the environment, civil society, and marginalised communities. Jules has extensive experience in producing and conducting investigative work. He is also the co-founder of Rainbow of Love School for Refugee Children, an exco member of the Centre of Malaysian Indigenous Studies, and co-founder of Bumi Kasih Permaculture.

Jefri Tarigan is a freelance documentary photographer who has been covering current affairs since 2007. He is based in Indonesia and has worked with the likes of BBC, ABC TV, Sydney Morning Herald, Australia Finance Today, The Australian, The Straits Times, Barcroft Media, and others.

Fakhrur Rozi is a Freelance Videographer & Director based in Indonesia. He has worked for Reuters TV, National Geographic, UNICEF, and Al Gore Climate Change USA. He has also created documentaries for Al Jazeera TV, CGTN China, Channel News Asia, and Swiss Television (SF).

Lawrence Nel is a Bangkok based freelance videographer, video editor and documentary filmmaker. He has created content highlighting social development issues and messaging over the past 10 years throughout Asia and the Pacific on projects for UNESCAP, UNODC, UNDP, UN Environment, IOM, IFRC, Google and Facebook.