Day 3 | Spotlight Session 6

Building Sustainable National Capacities to Measure PVE

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Development organisations routinely conduct research, assessments, monitoring, and evaluation to better design evidence-based projects with measurable results. The resources invested may be significant, particularly as more development actors respond to the UN Secretary General’s “data revolution” call-to-action.      

Learn how PVE can evolve through innovative monitoring and evaluation and find out about the possibilities created by engaging government, academic, media, and civil society entities in these processes. You will hear about how UNDP is building national capacities to generate the necessary data for effective PVE programming: empowering national implementing partners to understand and address long-term PVE ‘push and pull’ factors, and frame national action and global policy on PVE.

16 June 2021

Start: 12:30 (CEST)
End: 13:30 (CEST)


Thomas K. Samuel

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)


Imtiaz Ahmed

University of Dhaka

Charmaine Mae

International Center for Peace in Mindanaw

Francisco J. “Pancho” Lara Jr.

International Alert Philippines

Håvard Mokleiv Nygård

Norwegian Agency for International Development (Norad)

Renia C. Corocoto

National Security Council Secretariat, Philippines

Henk-Jan Brinkman

Peacebuilding Support Office, UNDP