Michael Niconchuk

Programme Director

Beyond Conflict

Michael Niconchuk is an applied neuroscience researcher and practitioner focusing on trauma recovery in conflict-affected populations, and the relationship between trauma, extremism, intergroup violence. Mike is the Program Director for Trauma & Violent Conflict at Beyond Conflict as well as the Senior Technical Expert for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support at Questscope in Amman, Jordan.

Based in Jordan, Mike oversees the design and implementation of research and applied projects that address the role of chronic stress and trauma in the genesis and escalation of violent conflict, and the role of trauma healing in conflict resolution efforts.

Michael is the author of several innovative scientific publications on issues of neuroscience, violent extremism and intergroup conflict, and is the author of the Field Guide for Barefoot Psychology, a psychoeducational and trauma recovery program for communities affected by trauma and forced displacement.

Michael is a former Fulbright Scholar and holds degrees from Tufts University and University College London.


Appearing in the following conference sessions: