Voices from the Ground

The lived experiences of Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) are multifaceted and vary between regions and countries. National prevention measures themselves take diverse forms and shapes with multiple actors involved in the realisation of promoting positive alternatives to radicalisation and recruitment into violent extremism. In this video series aimed at capturing the voices from the ground, […]

Building Sustainable National Capacities to Measure PVE

Development organisations routinely conduct research, assessments, monitoring, and evaluation to better design evidence-based projects with measurable results. The resources invested may be significant, particularly as more development actors respond to the UN Secretary General’s “data revolution” call-to-action.       Learn how PVE can evolve through innovative monitoring and evaluation and find out about the possibilities created by […]

Development and Security at the Tunisia-Libya Border: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Despite Tunisia bolstering border security, in March 2016 a terrorist attack was launched on the town of Ben Guerdane. The Libyan-Tunisian border militarization has seriously impacted the region’s economy, hindering cross-border trade and disrupting citizens’ livelihoods who rely on diminishing resources. Additionally, COVID-19’s impact and growing social unrest are warning signs of growing fragility. In […]

When is Conventional Wisdom Wise? Testing the Assumptions Behind Preventing Violent Extremism

Reasons individuals support violent extremism and engage with terrorist organizations has gained increasing attention from policy makers and researchers in recent years. UNDP research in Africa and Asia have highlighted societal and individual factors including education, religion, employment, and a lack of confidence in state security services. While local and regional studies exist, there has […]

Back to the future

Built on an understanding of the past, what do the future of preventing violent extremism efforts look like?

20/20: Where Do We Envision the Future of Prevention?

Nearly 20 years after September 11th, addressing the root conditions and grievances that drive violent extremism has become a central tenant of communities’ approach to PVE. Recognizing the marginalization of governance helps explain radicalization and recruitment, while working to reduce conflict, provide services, and build equitable societies with respect for human rights are key for […]

Protecting and Promoting Human Rights through PVE

Measures to prevent violent extremism (PVE) can have significant impacts on human rights. The international community has recognized the potential disconnect – or contradiction -between using security measures to respond to violent extremism on one hand, and addressing the complicated conditions, root causes and grievances that drive radicalization. This session, co-organized with UNESCO, examines how […]